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Are You in Love?

Actually, this is my last Saturday night story. I visited my friend house, then I also met his little brother. His name was “Beeeeppp – censored”, 15. I was talking to him about his girlfriend and why did he doesn’t come out like other teenagers at Saturday night. I dunno how to start this, but, I dunno, then he was talking to me about his love story. And I absolutely made my self as a good listener like a psychologist :D.

He asked me, “Bro, do you really know how does the fall in love feel is?”. Umm… I said “Are you in love?. Owh, you’re growing up now! -lol”. He looked shy and blushing all the way after I yelled him. Thought, I told him that if you’re in love, …

First, this is akward but sometimes a true point. You’ll think that there’s a lot of butterflies flying inside your tummy. No matter day or night. He laughed but then he said YES. (reader, are you agree too? :D).

The second one is, you will find yourself talking to or telephoning the person for no reason. (You might pretend there’s a reason, but often there’s not). Or nowadays, you used to stalk the person by looking his/her facebook or even twitter accounts. He said “how do you know?” :D.

Next things, you will find yourself bringing this person into every conversation. For example, when someone begins “I love Owl City”. You interrupt with, “Hey, my girlfriend also love them too”, and bla-bla-bla. I saw his face, then he’s smile :). You know what does it mean!

The last one, you might suddenly be interested in thing that you used to avoid. (Actually this is so me!). But yeah, I don’t think 21 is teenager anymore. Aaaaarrrgggghhhh, I’m a teenager :D.

Alright, my friend brother was crazy cause he always agree with every single of my opinions. I told him “Okay, I know you’re in love”. I was yelling him loudly ’til his older brother knows it. Dude, falling in love is one thing, but staying in love is another. How can you tell, as time passes, that you’re still in love?

If you’re stay in love, your relationship will change. You might not talk as much about the person you are in love with. You might not always call him/her so often. BUT, this person will nevertheless become more and more important in your life.

You’ll find that you can be yourself with this person. When you first fell in love, you were probably afraid to admit certain things about yourself. But now you can be totally honest. You can trust him/her to accept you just as you are.

So, Are You in Love?


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