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Actually, I don’t know who is Owain Phyfe. But then, after I watched a documentary movie from German called PINA, in 3D format. PINA is a movie for Pina Bausch by Wim Wenders. I start to like everything related to it movie, for example… Hmm… a Song called “La Prima Vez”. And guess, I don’t know what does it mean :D. La Prima Ves was sung by Owain Phyfe (at this movie version).

La Prima Vez is one of the music soundtrack of it’s movie. Well, actually I like all of the songs from OST. PINA, I dunno… it’s magnificent, classic but elegant. It’s also heard painful, tears and weeps are felt everywhere. Amazing movie and also the music. You guys have to watch the movie, but I dunno how to watch it because I only got 2 free tickets from Goethe Institute last week. Maybe you should ask the Goethe Institute about it movie :D.

PINA cover

Alright, I’m talking about La Prima Vez by Owain Phyfe. I listened to it song from Youtube and tried to repeat it, then tried to figure out what does it mean. I heard that La Prima Vez means “The First Time”, it’s a kind of Spanish (cmiiw). You know guys, his voice is beautiful, even though I don’t know exactly what does it mean but I catch that he told me that he is in love.

Here is the La Prima Vez Lyric :

La prima vez ke te vidi
De tuz ojos me ‘namori

D’akel momento te ami
Fin a la tomba te amare.

Aserkate mi kerida
Salvadora de mi vida

Descubrite i avlame
Sekretos de la tu vida.


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