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Fenster zum Sommer

Opening Ticket of German Cinema

Nina Hoss (Fenster Zum Sommer) at Opening Ticket of German Cinema 2014.

Movie Title : Fenster zum Sommer | Summer Window (English)
Director and Writer : Hendrik Handloegten | Hannelore Valencak (Novel)
Stars : Nina Hoss, Mark Waschke, Fritzi Haberlandt.
Release Date : November, 3rd 2011 (GERMANY)
Duration : 96 minutes
Genre : Drama


I was lucky to get to see the film at the opening day of Cinema German in Jakarta. But, I might say that I’m a bit dissapointed about the movie plot. Eh?

Well, okay the film was unpredictable, but what then? Nothing specific to win my attention at all. The conflict and the solution were so lame as the opening film. I was guessing that Blue Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) was inspired by this film/novel due to the plot which is forward and backward like it’s trying to twist us, but I am totally wrong since there’s no socialite lifestyle in it. It’s drama about what will you do if you have the second chance to get things right? Give up on fate or doing something different.

All my attention went to the nature and how nice the camera took it all. Beside the supporting role acting (Fritzi) which was better than the main role (Nina) -Sorry, But I should be honest. Fritzi was attract me with her superb acting. She deserves to win any award for her role in this film.

Let’s say, the interesting part of the film was when Juliane handles the situations which will lead you to the climax of the film (which was not fresh in my opinion).


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