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Writing a Dream

It’s 12:28  am or over the midnight when I wrote this. The time which is possible for some people should be in a different place, uhum …  The sleep land, dream land. The place where we are free to be whatever we want, and of course, do anything without any restrictions. But, it all depends on the strength of mind of each person to break through the boundaries.

As I write this, there is an actual dream which I had been wanted it happen. Quite simply, visiting a city on Sumatra, called Medan. For some reason I was so interested in the town, but if I recall I did have a compelling reason why I was so attracted to it. One of the strongest reasons is that I have never set my foot more than 2 hours in the city, I have been to Medan but it just only for the transit flight to Banda Aceh. As I recall, only the provincial capital of Medan was that I had never seen her the night atmosphere. Though starting from the tip of Aceh to Lampung I’ve ever felt, but not to Medan.

My other reason is because of friends, I have so many friends who sometimes invite me to come over, but I never found a right time and absolutely when I had a time, but I have no money. Classic, but that’s true!.

This is so interesting while I found someone on twitter, I don’t know how could that we close each other, but I think he’s a nice guy. His name was Feriansyach, he’s the owner of blog http://permatasumut.blogspot.com, umm… I like his blog. Someday, he invites me to come to Medan and he offers himself as my guide, if I need a guide. I said to Feri that I don’t have any free time at this close month, still busy with my college stuffs. But he said, not right now because if we would like to do something in the future, at least we should write it. Really nice idea!

Alright, now you know my reason to write this post. As Feri said, we should write it and plan it until the right day.  This is my dream, I’m writing a Dream. I wanna visit Medan someday, not right now. But until I’m ready in the time, the budget itself 😀 and everything.